Mi Air Purifier 2C, which was introduced at Rs 6,499 in India

Xiaomi claims the Mi Air Purifier 2C is built for Indian homes in India. In less than 10 minutes, it can clean up indoor air pollution.

Mi Air Purifier 2C

Xiaomi launched Mi Air Purifier 2C in front of the country’s winter season. India has 14 of the world’s twenty most polluted cities. In the Delhi-NCR area, air pollution is the highest in the fourth quarter of the year or in the period from October to December. The Mi Air Purifier being introduced today joins Mi Air Purifier 2 and Mi Air Purifier 2S in India.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2C: Cost and Availability

The price of the Mi Air Purifier 2C is set at Rs. 6,499 in India. It will go on sale today i.e October 16 via Mi.com starting at 4 pm IST. In addition, on October 18, Amazon.in, Flipkart, and Mi Home will host its sale from IST at 12 pm (noon).

Key Specifications, features

The Mi Air Purifier 2C comes with dual filtration technology and includes the true HEPA filter, which is said to filter 99.97% of indoor emissions. The device has 360-degree air suction and is reputed to produce 350 cubic meters per hour of CADR (clean air delivery rate).

Unlike the Mi Air Purifier 2S with an OLED screen for real-time PM2.5 level alerts, the Mi Air Purifier 2C has an LED-equipped real-time air quality monitor that highlights air quality in three different stages, including clean air, moderate levels of pollution, and extreme levels of pollution. A built-in infrared sensor is also available to detect levels of pollution while purifying the air.

The Mi Air Purifier 2C appears to be a great value for money.

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Mi Air Purifier 2C, which was introduced at Rs 6,499 in India

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