5 Best Bicycles In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a cycle in India can be a challenging task as there are so many choices on the market. Choosing the best cycle in India will take time. Until you leap into buying a series, there are many things you need to keep in mind. Make sure you are well aware of your needs. This will help you select the right loop.

Best Bicycle In India

It’s quite often when it comes to choosing the best bike that we get lost. Settling on the right can be a time-consuming affair with so many bicycles. To ease your life, we’ve listed India’s top 10 cycles from various categories with which you can’t just go wrong.

Various types of cycles including mountain cycles, road cycles, etc. can be found. Understanding the intention of buying a cycle is obvious to you. Once that’s done, you can choose a process that fits your needs.

It’s not hard to buy the right bicycle, all you need is some criteria to measure the choices on the market. In our “Buying Guide,” you will get all the details about this subject.

Best Bicycles In India 2020

These Are Best Bicycles In India 2020

ProductKnown for Average customer ratingPrice
Cosmic Trium Edition 27T 21-Speed MTB Bic...Best in value for money4.1* out of 5*₹₹
Montra Trance Pro 700X35C 21 Speed Super ...Best in features4* out of 5*₹₹₹
Hero Sprint Pro Trans 26T 21 Speed BicycleBest in brand value3.9* out of 5*₹₹
Mach City Munich 21 Speed 26 T Hybrid Cyc...Best in lightweight3.7* out of 5*₹₹
Hercules Roadeo Hercules A75 26T CycleBest in safety3.5* out of 5*₹₹₹


To reach the outcome, market research is a significant framework

With our greatest study expertise, testing, rigorous analysis for approximately 120 hours, we have reached the top 10 best bicycles in India. We will help you select the best bicycles in India with our research output.

5 Best Bicycles In India 2020

1. Cosmic Trium Edition 27T 21-Speed MTB Bicycle (Black/Blue)

🌐 A great bicycle from a not so well-known Indian brand. Cosmic Trium is India’s top-selling bicycles. This is basically because you’re getting so much value for the price you’re paying for this bike. One of India’s best gear cycles of under 20000.

🌐 The main thing that I’m looking for when I buy a bike is the quality of the construction. I shouldn’t have to waste time repairing the wheel. I’m just going to say forget the accessories (you can later buy better quality ones and go for this bike if you liked it).

Specifications –

  • Brand: Cosmic
  • Model No.: TRIUM26BKGR
  • Product Type: 21 Speed Hybrid Cycle
  • Colour: Black & Green
  • Tire Size: 28 inch
  • Frame Size: 17 inch
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Suitable for Rider Height between 5  ft 6 inches to 5 ft 9 inches
  • Front Fork, U-Shaped Mudguard, Disc Brake, 21 Speed, Shimano Shifters & Crankset
  • Dimensions(W x H x D): 139.7 x 68.58 x 17.78 cm
  • Weight: 10 Kg
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Value for money
  • Superior graphics
  • High-performing front suspension
  • Not so smooth gear transmissions
  • Weight of the bicycle is slightly on the heavier side

Finding –

The Cosmic brand has provided top-quality bicycles with output that matches the standard of other major bicycle brands. The Cosmic Trium is a perfect combination of good components and stylish design for any amateur MTB operator, at an affordable price point.


2. Montra Trance Pro 700X35C 21 Speed Super Cycle

🌐 This cycle is designed to meet the needs of urban road riding, so it has an aluminum alloy frame that gives you a comfortable riding experience.

🌐 It comes in sizes from small to extra-large, making it ideal for a wide variety of age groups. It is a hybrid bike, meaning it is also suitable for mountain roads. It has a flat handle bar to carry for upright seating when cycling.

🌐 It has a front tube with a slight slant and mixed gears for speed. This comes in a range of colors including matt black, green , white, dark blue, and red bourgogne.

Montra Trance Pro 700X35C 21 Speed Super Cycle

Specifications –

  • Brand: Montra Trance
  • Model Name: 700X35C 21 Speed Super Cycle
  • Model No.: 700X35C
  • Product Type: 21 Speed Hybrid Cycle
  • Colour: Black & Red
  • Tire Size: 700 C
  • Frame Size: 16.5 inch
  • Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Suitable for Rider Height between 5  ft 6 inches
  • Front Brake : V- Brake | Rear Brake : V- Braket
  • Dimensions(W x H x D): 139.7 x 68.58 x 17.78 cm
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Very stable and safe
  • Consit of Rigid Steel Fork
  • Double walled alloy wheels
  • Sturdy and versatile frame
  • Steel rigid fork
  • No quick release on the rear

Finding –

The Montra Trance Pro is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a hybrid bicycle for both fitness rides and occasional touring. This bicycle has a slightly slanting top tube and a flat handlebar providing an upright riding position. The Alloy frame on this bicycle provides at most comfort for city riding and the tires made to suit the riding conditions make sure your journey is stable and safe.


3. Hero Sprint Pro Trans 26T 21 Speed Bicycle

🌐 Hero has another cycle in below 15000 in the list of the best run. An alloy frame of 6061 along with crown and coil spring is used in this bicycle.

🌐 This Hero bike also has a conical spacer which is specifically built using items that are threadless. Most of the time, we’ve found that the seat clamp has a lot to do with the wheel, so that’s why this bike has left and right shifters.

🌐. With a 170 mm crank arm set, it also has 7sp freewheels used there. Within this cycle you’ll get 7sp-108 chain links attached.

Specifications –

  • Brand: Hero Sprint
  • Model Name: SPRINT PRO TRANS 26×17 ALLOY 21S BK/GN
  • Model No.: STRN26BKGN01
  • Product Type: 21 Gear
  • Colour: Green & Black
  • Tire Size: DSI 26″ x 2.1″
  • Frame Size: 17 inch
  • Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Suitable for Rider Height between 5  ft 6 inches
  • Front Brake: Disc Brake | Rear Brake: Disc Brake
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Comes with Disc Brakes
  • Suspension is rigid while the frame material is steel
  • Great gear system and brakes
  • Very light weight
  • Seat can be more comfortable and soft

Finding –

The Hero Sprint Trans is a 26″ MTB that is is well suited to teenagers and young adults. This cycle is very good for all kinds of cycling whether in city, for exercise, or as a mountain bike. 


4. Mach City Munich 21 Speed 26 T Hybrid Cycle/City Bike  (21 Gear, Green, Black)

🌐 The Mach City Munich 21 Speed (2018) is a Hybrid Bicycle which has a lightweight Steel Frame. The Mach City Munich 21 Speed comes with a pair of 700x35c Nylon tires.

🌐 The Mach City Munich 21 Speed has Shimano Tourney front and rear derailleurs and Shimano shifters. This Hybrid Bicycle from Mach City comes with Rim Brakes which are connected to Alloy Levers.

🌐 This 21-speed road bike makes the urban terrain pass seamlessly. With cool features like a lightweight steel frame, a quick release front wheel, durable nylon tyres, it is also equipped with a 21-speed Shimano Tourney gear system with Shimano EZ Fire Shifters for quick, breezy rides.

Specifications –

  • Brand: Mach City Munich
  • Model Name: Munich 21 Speed
  • Model No.: 1FG276G0A05000A
  • Product Type: 21 Speed Hybrid Cycle
  • Colour: Green & Black
  • Tire Size: 26 inches
  • Frame Size: 19 inch
  • Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Suitable for Rider Height between 5  ft 6 inches
  • Front Brake: Wire Brake | Rear Brake: Wire Brake
  • Wheel: 26″ x 1.75″ Alloy Rims
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Lightweight & fast
  • Smooth gears
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Narrow tyre
  • Handle is not adjustable
  • Seat is very small

Finding –

If you are looking for a lightweight and fast bicycle for city commuting and fitness rides, the Munich 21 Speed is a suitable choice for you.


5. Hercules Roadeo Hercules A75 26T Cycle

🌐 Hercules is a brand that we are all familiar with. We have grown up with this brand and the fact that it is quite amazing is almost a given since they have managed to survive and thrive in the markets for so long.

🌐. The A76 26T is a bike that manages to imbibe the core principles of Hercules while also being effectively suited to modern sensibilities. It has an alloy frame with a quick release seat clamp.

🌐. With a Dual Color TPR grip and a 7sp chain with 112 links, this bike is high on performance and low on maintenance charges. The brake lever is Shimano Integrated Easy Fire EF-41 while the pedeals are steels with firm grips.

Specifications –

  • Brand: Hercules Roadeo
  • Model Name: A75 26T 21Spd Grasshopper Green
  • Model No.: 1FG280G0A19000A
  • Product Type: 24 Speed Hybrid Cycle
  • Colour: Green & Black
  • Tire Size: 26 inches
  • Frame Size: 18 inch
  • Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Suitable for Rider Height between 5  ft 6 inches
  • Front Brake: Wire Brake | Rear Brake: Wire Brake
  • Wheel: 7sp 14-28T Compatible
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Light weight and good looking color
  • 6061 Alloy Frame providing superior ride quality
  • Dual Disc Brakes & Colour-coordinated brake cables for active and long lasting braking
  • Double-walled Alloy rims for traction
  • Sleek saddle for ergonomic comfort.
  • A bit costly compared to others

Finding –

The A75 is your partner for every ride. Sporting an alloy frame and a plastic-coated steel crank, this bike knows you’re sport for everything.


Things To Remember Before Buying A Bicycle

1. Types of Bikes: There are a wide variety of bicycles available in the market. And, not all of them will be suitable for you. So, get the cycle that suits you the most. If you are just starting out, you should go with a beginner-friendly cycle. Also, research whether you need a road cycle, or city cycle, or mountain cycle, etc.

2. Type of Brakes:

a) Disc Brakes: These are brakes which are connected and held grasp onto the wheel center point. 

b) Coaster Brakes: These brakes work when you pedal in reverse.

c) Rim Brakes: These are cushions which fasten onto the wheels’ edges. 

d) Drum Brakes: These brakes are inbuilt into the wheel center.

3. Weight: A lightweight cycle would be a better option. So, even if the lightweight bikes are pricier, you should go with that.

4. Suspension: The suspension guarantees you are grounded solidly if you happen to ride in an uneven, unexpected area. If you wish to buy the Best Bicycle In India or a mountain bicycle, then you may need a model which incorporates a total or if nothing else front suspension. Having a full suspension bolster you in having a controlled offset along with an expanding grasp.

5. Frame:

a) Steel: Most steel frames are known for being strong, agreeable and truly economical. The drawback to steel is the weight. 

b) Alumunium: The thump on aluminum is a comfort, however, the higher end tubing has turned out to be significantly more stun retaining that its antecedents during the ’90s.

c) Carbon: Carbon-fiber bike frames have a lot of good characteristics going for them. Generally, they are really strong, offer an agreeable ride and are bounty light. The greatest preferred position to carbon fiber, however, comes during the time spent generation. 

6. Proper Fit: Every bike comes with a range of the minimum to the maximum height of the rider.

So, you should choose one that is suitable for your height and body weight. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to ride your bike for you. Also, make sure, you have adjusted the seat height or any other things that are adjustable to your liking

7. Build Quality: Do you want a bicycle that will need to be replaced within a few months? Most cheap bicycles would come with low-quality materials and non-replaceable parts. In that case, you should go with a cycle that comes with high-quality material

8. Performance: It goes without saying that you will want the best performance from your bicycle. So, check wherever it has the features that you want or not. Will it perform up to your expectation?

9. Pricing: Last but not the least, you will also have to keep an eye on your budget. There are so many options out there that it is very easy to get confused and spend a lot more than you should have. So, make sure you are getting the bicycle at a competitive price.

Types of Bicycles

1. Road Bikes

We define these types of bikes by their insane smooth tires and drop handlebars. These Bikes are designed for streets that are well-cleaned and level. In addition, the body structure of the Bike is designed to ensure durability and efficiency. Many driving brands will need to ensure impeccable streamlined features when manufacturing these Bicycle forms.

2. Mountain Bikes (MTBs)

Mountain bikes are well known for their thick tires. These Bicycles are being developed so that consumers can ride off-street ways, rough roads, mountain ways, etc. These cycles are normally fitted with a level handlebar and at the base; front suspension to ride over uneven areas.

3. Hybrid Cycles

Hybrid bikes are essentially a mix of both street and mountain bicycles. These cycles aim to give both mountain and Street Bikes the best. In addition, these bicycles have friendly and cushioned seats along with straight handlebars just like the MTBs but the tires used here are much slimmer.


We surveyed 5 of India’s top-rated bicycles. We hope this article will assist you in selecting the right one from all these periods. Additionally, we have added a few tips that you should be aware of prior to purchasing a bicycle. Thus, we hope this post will come in handy for the readers that are going to buy a new bicycle.

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5 Best Bicycles In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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