7 Best Air Fryers In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The most tasty snacks are fried foods, but we miss them when it comes to your wellbeing most of the time. But what if, with zero oil, we get the same taste and texture? Na, sounds amazing. So, the blog is dedicated to all lovers of fried food, where the best models of Air Fryers for completely oil-free cooking have been listed. You can now enjoy your favorite zero-oil snacks without thinking about the added fat and cholesterol.

If you think air fryers are not going to mimic the taste and feel of traditionally fried food products, you are totally wrong here. With a crisp and golden outside and juicy inside, the air fryers give the same taste and feel, using just a few drops of oil. This ensures that air fryers cook your favorite food products without drenching them in oil, such as french fries, potato chips, samosas, nuggets, etc.

Air Fryers

7 Best Air Fryers In India 2020

These Are Best Air Fryers In India 2020

ProductKnown for Average customer ratingPrice
Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air FryerBest in quality & performance4.3* out of 5*₹₹
Havells Prolife Digi Air FryerBest in lightweight & features4.1* out of 5*₹₹
Inalsa Frylight 1400-Watt Air FryerBest in value for price4* out of 5*
Glen Rapid Fryer 3044 Stainless Steel Air...Best in looks & efficiency3.8* out of 5*
Kenstar Aster Oxy Air FryerBest in functionality3.6* out of 5*
Kent Hot Air Fryer 16033Best in durability3.5* out of 5*
Prestige PAF 3.0 G Air FryerBest in brand3.5* out of 5*


To reach the outcome, market research is a significant framework

With our greatest study expertise, testing, rigorous analysis for approximately 60 hours, we have reached the best air fryers in India. We will help you select the best air fryers in India with our research output.

Best Air Fryers In India 2020

1. Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer

🌐 The most trusted, most used and most loved Air Fryer in India, hands down. Over the years, the Philips HD9220 has been a popular choice for the thoughtful and health-conscious segment of the Indian population. Although within months several other models came and went out of style, this one from Philips remains a timeless classic.

🌐 This Air Fryer ‘s robust and compact construction represents a high durability that corresponds to the average usage pattern of Indian households. The air fryer has a capacity of 2.2 liters and a power output rating of 1425 watts, which makes it all the more consistent with the production of ordinary Indian snacks on the go.

🌐 To provide even cooking, crispy edges and tender insides, this product utilizes rapid air technology. It has a cooking temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and a maximum cooking time of 30 minutes.

🌐 Now, if you’re wary of having it because you think your occasional fried food cravings are overkill, be reassured. In addition to frying your regular chips, fries, and samosas, you can use this multi-purpose Air Fryer to grill kebabs, roast chicken, paneer tikkas, and bake small cakes, pies, and doughnuts. Now that is how flexibility is personified.

🌐 The air fryer has an auto shut-off function to avoid overcooking of the food and a timer to help you monitor the exact time you want the food to be cooked. The timer and temperature can be changed according to the food ingredients or the recipes you are cooking. For reference purposes, general time and temperature instructions are given on the air fryer beside the knob.

🌐 If you are done with cooking, the icing on the cake is how easy it is to clean the air fryer.

Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer

Features –

  • Brand: Philips
  • Model Number : HD9220
  • Product Dimensions : 35 x 35 x 37.8 cm
  • Colour : Black
  • Item Weight : 5.8kg
  • Warrenty: 1 year
  • Fast and easy cooking
  • Rapid Air For Healthier Frying Technology
  • Fry, Grill, Roast and bake features
  • Super Easy to use and clean
  • 1400 W High-Power performance for fast cooking results
  • Adjustable time and temperature control

    Finding –

    Overall, without adding excessive oil, the fryer includes all the new features that will help you cook your favorite dishes. This makes the HD9220 Viva Range one of the finest air fryers on the market.


    2. Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer

    🌐 A fine mix of technology and design is the Profile Digi Air Fryer by Havells. The latest features such as temperature control, heat resistant handle and auto on-off are included in the new fryer. The sleek and lightweight style will certainly complement your kitchen ‘s modern décor. It cooks food with 85 percent less oil compared to a standard deep fryer.

    🌐 The appliance comes with rapid air technology that helps, along with frying, the fryer to bake, roast, grill and toast food. You don’t have to think about food being overcooked or undercooked anymore. The fryer contains an on-off auto timer that can be used to set the exact time you want to cook your food.

    🌐 For your kitchen, the fryer is ideal because it comes with a capacity of 4 liters. With an ability of 4 liters, you can cook a large number of dishes. The appliance needs a power input of 230 volts and can very quickly cook food. A snack can be fried in just 12 minutes. With the main unit by Havells, a recipe book is also sent.

    🌐 This air fryer, fitted with rapid air technology, is able to fry, bake, roast, grill and reheat the food. The overall cooking time is 60 minutes and the temperature ranges between 80 degrees and 200 degrees.

    Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer

    Features –

    • Brand: Havells
    • Model Number : Prolife Digi
    • Product Dimensions : 30 x 30 x 34 cm
    • Colour : Black
    • Item Weight : 3.5kg
    • Warrenty: 1 year
    • Auto on-off
    • Capacity: 4litres
    • Rapid Air Technology for deep frying
    • Fry, grill, roast, and bake
    • Innovative Air Filtration System
    • Integrated Timer with Auto Shut-Off
    • Extremely fast and easy cooking
    • Substantially greater potential
    • Average customer support

    Finding –

    Choose Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer if you are looking for results with great substantiality.


    3. Inalsa Frylight 1400-Watt Air Fryer

    🌐 This Air Fryer from Inalsa is a perfect addition to your kitchen for all non-oil cooking, with the most elegant, sleek, and stylish style.

    🌐 This Inalsa 4.2 liter air fryer is a powerful gadget that can not only fry your food, but also barbecue, bake and roast it. Inalsa is a company based in Spain that is famous for its home appliances of high quality. It is one of the fastest growing air-fryer brands on the market. Without extra calories, this gadget gives you the opportunity to cook tasty snacks.

    🌐 This model comes with a basket and a splitter, so you can conveniently cook two meals at the same time. There are also two warning lights, one indicating that the power is on, and the other one switches on when the pre-heat temperature is reached.

    🌐 Since it has a 4.2 L cooking pan capacity along with a 2.9 L food basket, the system is ideally suited for small family reunification. With the aid of a fast release button, you can easily remove the basket from the fryer. To avoid the ingredients from sticking to them, the pan and basket are non-stick-coated.

    🌐 Timer and temperature settings of the air fryer are dial styled with the timer dial is present to move clockwise to set the desired time. For your safety, this appliance automatically switches off itself on basket removal. Over-heat protection has also been provided to protect against sudden overloads.

    Inalsa Frylight 1400-Watt Air Fryer

    Features –

    • Brand: Inalsa
    • Model Number : Frylight
    • Product Dimensions : 29 x 36.5 x 32 cm
    • Colour : Black
    • Item Weight : 5.27kg
    • Warrenty: 2 year
    • Automatic power off when removing the basket make it safe to operate
    • 2 Years manufacturer’s warranty
    • Food Basket Capacity2.9 l
    • Cooking Pan Capacity 4.2 l
    • High-speed air circulation to cook food
    • Timer with auto shut-off facility
    • Temperature control
    • 2 Indicator Lights
    • Warning alarm
    • Average plastic body that makes some negative reviews

    Finding –

    This Inalsa is an air fryer that is budget friendly and comes with a small range of powerful features.


    4. Glen Rapid Fryer 3044 Stainless Steel Air Fryer

    🌐 Go safe and oil free now with this Glen air fryer. With this air fryer, you can not only fry, but also roast, barbecue, toast and reheat the food correctly with different temperature settings. This air fryer cooks your food evenly, with the optimum airflow feature. And it helps you to cook a good amount of food in one go, thanks to its decent size.

    🌐 A safe choice for cooking deep fried foods is the Glen 3044 fast fryer. A 2.8 litre air fryer for convenient frying, baking, grilling & roasting using little or no oil. It comes with a strong 1350W motor for rapid hot air circulation. It allows quick heating with large stainless steel coils. One of the smart features also is the vapour steam and cool touch handle.

    🌐 Among them, we will discuss the model of their 3044 air fryer. If it is chips, chicken fries, burgers and any other dishes, without or with less oil, this air fryer will complete the job.

    🌐 This fast fryer utilizes superheated air with a smart black finish. In everything from chips, snacks, poultry, burgers, beef and more, it chips the crisp golden-brown finish and cuts the calories.

    Glen Rapid Fryer 3044 Stainless Steel Air Fryer

    Features –

    • Brand: Glen
    • Model Number : SA-3044
    • Product Dimensions : 35 x 33 x 35 cm
    • Colour : Black
    • Item Weight : 5kg
    • Warrenty: 1 year
    • Easy to clean, Quick Frying
    • Adjustable time & temperature control knob
    • Having big stainless steel coil, it allows rapid heating
    • vapour steam and cool touch handle
    • Upto 80% less fat – compared to conventional fryers
    • Vapor Steam for crispier frying
    • Rapid heating – Big Stainless Steel coil
    • There is no special frying basket

    Finding –

    Glen brings items that are an optimal combination of beauty and efficiency to the discerning Indian woman.


    5. Kenstar Aster Oxy Air Fryer

    🌐 This Kenstar air fryer is another top pick for all those who are health-conscious and enjoy fried snacks. By just using a little bit of oil, it gives the fried foods a balanced twist. Not only does it please the taste buds, but it also keeps the food nutritious. This air fryer can be used for frying, roasting, grilling and baking your favorite food items.

    🌐 This air fryer comes with a 3 L capacity removable food tray that is pleasant enough to fry a large amount of food in one go. Two LED indicators also come with it, one showing that the power is on, and the other showing that cooking is in progress.

    🌐 It is commendably big at 3 liters with respect to the food basket and can handle large snack preparations in one go for 4-5 people. However, major preparations like this need a higher power output. Well, the oxy fryer is rated at 1500 watts of power output, so it addresses such lofty snack-time meals conveniently.

    Kenstar Aster Oxy Air Fryer

    Features –

    • Strong option for more nutritious meals
    • Best for no oil or less oil cooking
    • It’s very easy to run and clean
    • Timer and temperature control
    • Length of the power cord is good
    • Great capacity
    • The handle lock is not appropriate

    Finding –

    Kenstar Aster Oxy Air Fryer offers you the best features in all areas with ease of use and handling.


    6. Kent Hot Air Fryer 16033 1350-Watt

    🌐 One of the best air fryers on the market is undoubtedly the Kent 16033 Air Fryer. Kent is a company that offers healthcare goods of superior quality. With the aid of its creative products, it has made a good name for itself. To help you cook your favorite meals, this air fryer is packed with several newer features. Now, as the device uses 80 percent less oil, you can cook snacks in a much healthier way.

    🌐 Depending on the dish you are making, it allows you to select from 8 preset menus. The quick air technology used in this fryer allows the grill top to circulate hot air around it. This function ensures the food from all sides is adequately cooked. It gets a great texture along with an outstanding taste when food is heated from all sides. Fried snacks like fries and samosas from the inside are tender but from the outside they are crispy.

    🌐 The appliance design is modern and compact. A smart LED panel is featured on the stylish body. The advanced LED touch panel gives a premium look to the unit. In a more comfortable way, the panel helps you to use the unit. You won’t have a problem fitting it in your kitchen either.

    Kent Hot Air Fryer 16033

    Features –

    • Brand: Kent
    • Model Number : 16033
    • Product Dimensions : 21 x 23 x 31 cm
    • Colour : Black
    • Item Weight : 4.3kg
    • Warrenty: 1 year
    • Smart layout with basic features
    • Extremely durable
    • 8 preset menu & Smart LED touch panel
    • Faster and uniform heating
    • Large capacity
    • Good since the meal is cooked using less oil
    • The Auto Cook menu lets you plan your meal without any hassle
    • No safety lock on basket

    Finding –

    Kent Hot Air Fryer 16033 provides you with an innovative appliance with the best robust air fryer that uses about 80 percent less oil without compromising on taste.


    7. Prestige PAF 3.0 G Air Fryer

    🌐 Prestige is an Indian company known for its kitchen equipment. The company has manufactured high-quality kitchen appliances such as cookers, stoves, etc. and is one of the kitchen appliance market’s fastest growing brands. This Prestige PAF 4.0 air fryer is a complete unit that can easily satisfy your daily cooking requirements. The fryer is also capable of performing functions including grilling, toasting and baking in addition to frying.

    🌐 In order to cook it properly from all directions, the multipurpose fryer circulates hot air around the food. There are two knobs on the unit which can be used to change the temperature and time. According to the specifications of the dish you are making, the temperature can be set from 100 to 200 degrees and the timer for up to 30 minutes. It is easy to work both of the knobs.

    🌐 The unit uses an oil and smoke filter to keep the odor and smoke out of your kitchen. Excess smoke and oil are absorbed from the filter. In the device, the filter is a very important element that keeps your kitchen free of excessive smoke and odor. The high capacity frying basket is specifically built to allow hot air flow at a faster rate.

    🌐 The fryer needs a working voltage of 230 V in order to cook your favorite dishes in no time. All of the new features in the appliance make it one of India’s finest air fryers. The system does not disappoint in regards to looks either. The high quality body colored black will certainly complement the decor of your kitchen.

    Prestige PAF 3.0 G Air Fryer

    Features –

    • Brand: Prestige
    • Model Number : PAF 3.0G
    • Product Dimensions : 34.4 x 34.2 x 33.6 cm
    • Colour : Black
    • Item Weight : 5.34kg
    • Warrenty: 1 year
    • Stylish, classy look
    • Great for cooking with less to less oil
    • Silent process and making real crisp food
    • Easy to use and clean
    • Timer and temperature control
    • Nonstick cooking bowl
    • The size of the pan is very small
    • The length of the cord is short

    Finding –

    Prestige PAF 3.0 G Air Fryer is the brand most Indians look for when it comes to kitchen appliances.



    We reviewed several products before coming up with the best air fryers in India. In forming this list, we have taken into account user experience, consumer feedback, and the statements of the manufacturer.

    The thorough reviews of the top seven air fryers are accompanied by this, which is sure to clear up any doubt you may still have. We have also included links to Amazon to buy them.

    Then leave a comment below if you have any questions about air fryers.

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    7 Best Air Fryers In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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