Australian Gaint Canva Expands To India, China, and Brazil

Canva offers the go-to tool to create customizable company logos, road event posters and everything between them. It is known that Canva’s graphic design tool is the go-to instrument for creating customizable designs for everything from company logos to street event posters.


Canva, a graphic design unicorn based in Sydney, will look to deepen its footprint in key markets such as China, India, and Brazil as it pushes its growth aspirations in business and education niche client sections.

Canva claims it scratches the surface scarcely. It will roll out fresh characteristics and products in the coming months that address the niche of business and education client sections.

Video is also going to be the main area of development. Canva added a video section for consumers three months ago to serve social media branding requirements. It also operates Canva Pro, a service based on subscriptions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

In specific, China is a market that Adams thinks will perform well to the company product of Canva. He added that through its investor Sequoia Capital China, Canva managed to break into the Chinese market. Today, in Beijing, it operates an on-ground team of 50 that focuses on customizing and producing content for local platforms such as WeChat.

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Australian Gaint Canva Expands To India, China, and Brazil

by Rajdeep Shill time to read: 1 min
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